John Dies at the End

Guys guys I have just been so busy reading my favorite book John Dies at the End by David Wong that I just can’t pull myself away to update. It just came out on Tuesday and I’ve read it three times since. I’m on my fourth read now. Many more are to come.

John Dies at the End is the best book ever. There is no better book that you will ever encounter in any reality, in any dream, in any state of mind, than John Dies at the End. I used to have favorite books and a good range of books I’d rank from 1-10. Now I compressed all those books to 1-3, and John Dies at the End is a 29 n that scale. If you like living, or not living, you will enjoy John Dies at the End. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Let me give you some comparisons:

If this book was an action hero celebrity that accumulated a lot of tough rumors, it would literally erase Chuck Norris and whoever else from existence before they were even born, and not only be the most awesome, but the only.

If cold is bad and hot is great, this book is Hell. Hell on Earth.

On a scale of one to ten, you will have ten nightmares after reading this book. And that’s before you go to sleep.

If this book were a penis, and God had given it a penis of it’s own, it’s penis would be larger than your penis. Women: this applies to your boyfriend, but doubly so.

I will post spoilers to any quotes people couldn’t find in a couple days, if there are any left. You’re close, guys, almost there! Furthermore, I will update again once I’ve finished reading John Dies at the End nine or ten (dozen) more times.

Did I mention how good it was?


October 1, 2009. Have You Heard Of, Literature. 1 comment.