Hey guys, I know it’s been a little while. But I’m back! And I’ll be puttin’ more shit up here eventually, y’know, pretty soon or something. Just so you know.

You can, however, follow me on Twitter. BAM!


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Well, out of 15 quotes from 15 different webcomics, there were only three that went unfound by you fine people:

1. You mean your plan to drive to the gas station and flash your girly bits at the attendant? Yeah. I have my doubts.

5. Time to pollute the city’s water supply… with killer bees!

8. By the way, careful with that pile of pillows at your feet.

Ready for the answers?

1. The witty Dewey Defeats Tarzan!

5. The spectacular Buttersafe!

8. The insightful Edmund Finney’s Quest to find the Meaning of Life!

Since it’s likely that y’all don’t read those three comics, since nobody got the quotes, you should definitely do yourself a big favor and check them out. I guarantee that you’ll like at least ONE of them. You gotta like those odds.

Also, I might be going on hiatus for a little while. We’ll see what happens. I hope you’re following Homestuck though, the end of Act 2 was amazing- I swear I watched it six times this morning.


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More Webcomic Tips?

As seen in the responses to my first article, 20 TIPS for Webcomic Beginners, I am not the Only Webcomic Expert out there! I mean, not that I ever thought I was. That would be silly.

…*throws away a box of business cards*

Anyway, I thought I would direct your attention to the comments section of that post, so you can check them out! There are probably like at least 20 more contributed by fans, and most of them are really good. (I don’t know what you guys mean about #17 though. It’s totally there.)

In a little while, I’ll probably make some article that’s like… 20 MORE Tips for Webcomic Beginners or something like that, and I’ll use the ideas you guys and gals give me! I might not use the same wording though… that’s okay, right? That’s cool with y’all? I’ll give you guys credit for sure, but you see, the thing is, I just like writin’ them myself. Then again, if I can’t think of a metaphor more awesome than yours, well, we’ll see!

If you don’t have any tips in the same format I put ’em in, you can chip in with simple ideas, or things you’ve noticed that irk you about webcomics in some form or another, without putting it in the form of a tip! Everything’s good here. Please feel free to make more comments there, or on this post. And even once I make the second article, feel free to keep going. And thanks a bunch- with your help, we’re well on our way to the Nobel Webcomics Blog Prize!

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Guys! Hey!!

Okay, so you have to admit it’s kind of hilarious how I do that whole sarcastic TOTALLY SERIOUS article about stupid things that webcomic creators might do and then I totally just leave for a month without saying anything myself!

(If you really want to know why I had the hiatus, it’s because the CIA doesn’t let me blog while I’m on missions.)

While I was gone, I got linked to by The Webcomic Beacon, and also linked to by The Gigcast. I was also linked to by The Floating Lightbulb, and I believe he took it seriously at first- oh man! I didn’t see the original post but it’s alright dude, it happens, kinda funny really :P Lastly, I was also linked to by Like… wow. Thanks a lot you guys! I appreciate it!

In any case, I’m gonna get back to it! Now let’s see if I mean “get back to blogging” or “get back to hiatusing”…

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Update Status

After all my talk about layout stuff in my last post, I realized I should probably post an update schedule myself!

I will probably post on average between 3-6 posts per week. Usually. I mean, that’s just my estimated average, not a guarantee. Probably not more than one per day, as well. When I have finals weeks or stuff like that, I suppose I really can’t promise a ton of consistency either, but hopefully that will be the exception and not the rule!

Right now I’m actually one and a half weeks in on a two week “vacation” out of state. I’m not sure if this has affected my posting at all.

Anyway, I’ll be back in the next couple days with two new reviews and another article on layout! Thanks for tuning in!

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Oh hey guys.

I didn’t mean to forget about this blog… I just kind of did. Sorry. Maybe I’ll try to restart it! There are some things I’d like to review and stuff. Yeah.

Randomly, I was linked to by The Webcomic Overlook which I hadn’t heard of until now. Huh.

Well, I’ll try to see you again soon!

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