Well, out of 15 quotes from 15 different webcomics, there were only three that went unfound by you fine people:

1. You mean your plan to drive to the gas station and flash your girly bits at the attendant? Yeah. I have my doubts.

5. Time to pollute the city’s water supply… with killer bees!

8. By the way, careful with that pile of pillows at your feet.

Ready for the answers?

1. The witty Dewey Defeats Tarzan!

5. The spectacular Buttersafe!

8. The insightful Edmund Finney’s Quest to find the Meaning of Life!

Since it’s likely that y’all don’t read those three comics, since nobody got the quotes, you should definitely do yourself a big favor and check them out. I guarantee that you’ll like at least ONE of them. You gotta like those odds.

Also, I might be going on hiatus for a little while. We’ll see what happens. I hope you’re following Homestuck though, the end of Act 2 was amazing- I swear I watched it six times this morning.



October 12, 2009. H!L!C!, Have You Heard Of, Webcomics.

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  1. Samuel Lamberts replied:

    Tripurasundari is not visually represented in the dance and her icon is kept in Nava Durga god house at Gachhe tol.

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