Find That Quote!

Hey guys, guess what! We’re gonna play a fun game! I don’t expect I actually have the readership to do this, BUT, whatever, right?

I’m going to list 15 quotes taken straight from webcomics around the internet right down here. Your challenge? Tell me what webcomic it’s from!

I will also say that it will have been a vaguely recent comic, in the last year-ish or so. And there are no repeated webcomics, but there MAY be repeated authors/illustrators or something. Answer in the comments… if you’re up for the challenge!

Ready… and… GO!

1. You mean your plan to drive to the gas station and flash your girly bits at the attendant? Yeah. I have my doubts.

2. Please remove genitals from floppy drive and hit ‘Enter’.

3. Kontsfack? But I never even submitted my portfolio, why would I get a letter from them?

4. We’ve been lured out and engaged by a white van advertising high-value supplies, only to be disabled and cut down by a heavily-armed military unit.

5. Time to pollute the city’s water supply… with killer bees!

6. What’s up brah? We just put some bros in your games, dawg!

7. A transporting gun?! Everyone needs that!! I’ll buy five!! I’ve never met you!!

8. By the way, careful with that pile of pillows at your feet.

9. I’m not convinced the locals are the architects of these old cities. In fact, they don’t seem capable of anything more than collecting junk.

10. I’m guessin’ somethin’ horrible happened to her and it left like a residue. That’s how come she drinks. I mean I’m not a doctor or nothin’.

11. Again, sorry about the attempted murder thing!

12. The hamster on the treadmill inside my chest needs his water bottle refilled. He’s a thirsty little guy!

13. Look, just don’t wander around on your own. Go back to your tents and we’ll wait for this to blow over.

14. What? You can see me?! Well that was a waste of five hundred million dollars.

15. but then when i think back maybe there are times when it seems like you know some things? like maybe you know more about a thing than you are telling me? i dunno.


If someone has figured it out, I’ll list the right answer below here and say who found it first. If you don’t want to see the known answers yet, don’t click More!

Alright, the answers, you asked for ’em.

Webcomic (First correct guesser)

1. ??

2. Bigger Than Cheeses (Allen)

3. Anders Loves Maria (Emmeline Grangerford)

4. Dead Winter (Allen)

5. ??

6. VG Cats (Damien)

7. Rob and Elliot (Mark)

8. ??

9. Dresden Codak (Damien)

10. Overcompensating (Damien)

11. The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon (Emmeline Grangerford)

12. Questionable Content (Aqua Trenoble)

13. Gunnerkrigg Court (Damien)

14. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (Shannon)

15. MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck (Victor Cardona)

Way to go so far, guys!

Final Edit: Time’s up! Look for the answers to the three that nobody got in about two posts.


September 27, 2009. Webcomics.


  1. Shannon replied:

    14 – Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

  2. Emmeline Grangerford replied:

    3 is from Anders Loves Maria, and 11 is from The Fancy Adventures of Jack Cannon.

  3. Damien replied:

    1 – Devils panties?
    6 – vg cats!
    9 – Dresden Codak
    10 – Overcompensating!
    12 – ooo i know i saw it but i can’t remember.
    13 – gunnerkrigg court

  4. Victor Cardona replied:

    15. MS Paint Adventures, Homestuck

  5. Chris McVeigh replied:

    6) ms paint adventures (homestuck)

  6. Aqua Trenoble replied:

    12. is Questionable Content! Yay! Is 7. Ctrl-Alt-Del?

  7. Mark replied:

    Number 7 is from Rob & Elliot.
    Number 1 sounds like something from Girls with Slingshots, but I’m not sure on that one.

  8. Allen replied:

    Number 4 is from Dead Winter.

  9. Allen replied:

    Also, Number 2 is from Bigger Than Cheeses

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