More Webcomic Tips?

As seen in the responses to my first article, 20 TIPS for Webcomic Beginners, I am not the Only Webcomic Expert out there! I mean, not that I ever thought I was. That would be silly.

…*throws away a box of business cards*

Anyway, I thought I would direct your attention to the comments section of that post, so you can check them out! There are probably like at least 20 more contributed by fans, and most of them are really good. (I don’t know what you guys mean about #17 though. It’s totally there.)

In a little while, I’ll probably make some article that’s like… 20 MORE Tips for Webcomic Beginners or something like that, and I’ll use the ideas you guys and gals give me! I might not use the same wording though… that’s okay, right? That’s cool with y’all? I’ll give you guys credit for sure, but you see, the thing is, I just like writin’ them myself. Then again, if I can’t think of a metaphor more awesome than yours, well, we’ll see!

If you don’t have any tips in the same format I put ’em in, you can chip in with simple ideas, or things you’ve noticed that irk you about webcomics in some form or another, without putting it in the form of a tip! Everything’s good here. Please feel free to make more comments there, or on this post. And even once I make the second article, feel free to keep going. And thanks a bunch- with your help, we’re well on our way to the Nobel Webcomics Blog Prize!


September 26, 2009. H!L!C!, Webcomics.

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