Guys! Hey!!

Okay, so you have to admit it’s kind of hilarious how I do that whole sarcastic TOTALLY SERIOUS article about stupid things that webcomic creators might do and then I totally just leave for a month without saying anything myself!

(If you really want to know why I had the hiatus, it’s because the CIA doesn’t let me blog while I’m on missions.)

While I was gone, I got linked to by The Webcomic Beacon, and also linked to by The Gigcast. I was also linked to by The Floating Lightbulb, and I believe he took it seriously at first- oh man! I didn’t see the original post but it’s alright dude, it happens, kinda funny really :P Lastly, I was also linked to by Like… wow. Thanks a lot you guys! I appreciate it!

In any case, I’m gonna get back to it! Now let’s see if I mean “get back to blogging” or “get back to hiatusing”…


September 26, 2009. H!L!C!.

One Comment

  1. Kyle Forman Putulonase replied:

    Turns out¬ YOU are turning¬ your customers away ¬ ¬ ¬ d You should be fired, both from your job and from a cannon into a brick wall.

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