Update Status

After all my talk about layout stuff in my last post, I realized I should probably post an update schedule myself!

I will probably post on average between 3-6 posts per week. Usually. I mean, that’s just my estimated average, not a guarantee. Probably not more than one per day, as well. When I have finals weeks or stuff like that, I suppose I really can’t promise a ton of consistency either, but hopefully that will be the exception and not the rule!

Right now I’m actually one and a half weeks in on a two week “vacation” out of state. I’m not sure if this has affected my posting at all.

Anyway, I’ll be back in the next couple days with two new reviews and another article on layout! Thanks for tuning in!


August 29, 2009. H!L!C!.


  1. Francesca replied:

    Hey! Would you mind if I linked to your blog in The Next Adventure site? Got banners or something? You do a thorough (and quality) critique and your tips for comikers are quite good; I’d like to share the knowledge :).

  2. Jason Carvarel replied:

    @Francesca: Of course, I’d never turn down a link! I’m afraid I don’t have any banners yet but maybe I’ll get around to making some soon. Thanks for the kind words!

  3. Soulkime replied:

    I’m really curious. If you say your a critique, what would you say about this one?

    (note, she’s not going all out on this, as she says in her about link)

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